15 January, 2014

Why World Leaders Are Silent on Fukushima

They have no answers.

"The public already is troubled about the possible disasters that are looming, including the need to find adequate aquatic sources for cooling purposes; the need to prevent meltdowns and massive explosions in the face of tsunamis, earthquakes, and onsite accidents; and finally, the need to develop faultless means to decommission troubled plants or keep them safely intact for the next 45,000 years in order to prevent a meltdown and explosion that would make Hiroshima seem incidental."
Michael Parenti on Fukushima
The entire article is well worth reading.

Sadly the subject of nuclear energy is being weighed and argued on a purely political basis. There are a large number of people who paint with a very wide brush and anyone concerned with environmental issues is automatically labeled a nut. Because of this extreme political view important issues are swept aside and totally ignored. There are just as many who realize there are problems but remain silent because they are afraid that wide brush might paint them over a bit too. Fear and labeling are a good way to silence opposition and free speech. But we simply cannot afford to allow politics to use the environment for their personal agendas.

There will, however, come a time when this can no longer be ignored.
You know, as I just thought about the foregoing sentence, I realized that it might still be ignored and chalked up to something else entirely. Something more politically acceptable. That is how convoluted the world has become.


  1. Hadassah8:09 PM

    45000 years!!!!!!!!

    1. Sure. It isn't like hauling out the weekly trash, unfortunately.