07 May, 2013

Nuclear Nightmares
Fukushima , Chernobyl, US Plants High Risk

Here is the build up:

Fukushima is still a major world problem, Chernobyl is leaking again and the US has at least 3 nuclear plants having serious problems. Throw in malware that was found on the computers of nuclear workers and you have quite a nasty scenario building up worldwide.
Hanford contamination
Michigan's Palisade plant has been leaking radioactive water into Lake Michigan, which is being downplayed.
Hanford nuclear plant in Washington could go 'Chernobyl' at any moment according to experts who point to an ongoing cover up of just how bad things really are.
San Onofre, in California is having problems.

Britain's Heysham One nuclear plant in Lancashire was shutdown this week as well because of leaks.

Meanwhile in Louisiana, more sinkholes, more depression , more gas buildup, more quakes and more chances of a major catastrophe that could set off the New Madrid fault. Bayou Corne is worsening daily and there is a significant and dangerous methane buildup.  Tremors are increasing.
"A Texas Brine Co. salt dome cavern is suspected of having a sidewall failure that allowed millions of cubic yards of material to fill the hollow subterranean cavern and also unleashed oil and gas from deep underground.
Scientists have said they think about 45 million cubic feet of gas is now under a more than two-square mile area of the Mississippi River Alluvial Aquifer, which ranges from 120 to 600 feet deep."      the Advocate
What Now?
They have no idea how to fix it.

Things are building up around the world and the news is bleak and frightening for those paying attention.
A vast area of Japan, home to 60 million people is contaminated because of Fukushima.
Fukushima is still a major problem for Japan and the entire world as the problem seems impossible to clean up so that number of 60 million will climb exponentially and will travel world wide. This is not just Japan's problem though some would like to think it is.
Fukushima is helping destroy the Pacific Ocean and its effects have come to America via deaths of infants and increases in cancer rates.
The pumping of ground water for cooling at Fukushima is compromising the land and as they plan to
increase the amounts being pumped many worry that the land beneath the area will not hold up.  This foreshadows an even worse nuclear catastrophe than before.

Many who were raised on fairytale movies, where science solves all ills, believe these things are just small annoyances that can be fixed easily.    It is a wildly naive viewpoint.    But since they do not follow the technical and scientific journals as I and many others do, they are woefully misinformed.
Many also are informed only by their particular political party of agenda and see everything through a Democrat or Republican eye. They will help destroy the world with their stupid and narrow minded views. The blind leading the blind.

When you see the headline that Germany is rising in power, realize that all that is needed to give it a super boost to being the number one nation in the world is the fall of the USA and that day is fast approaching. 


  1. I am always amazed how much they cover up...unbelievable!

    1. Panic would ensue if people got a real birds eye view of just how bad things really are right now.

  2. You're oh, so, cheerful today :-)
    And Al Gory is getting richer and richer.

    1. There are three sides to environmentalism.
      One is the group who refuse to see there are problems.
      Second is those who make money off it and advocate wrong things. They do not care one iota for the world.
      Three are those who take seriously stewardship of the world we live in and note that the infrastructure is not being maintained and that in many instances we are using technology that we are not able to really control and do not fully understand.

  3. Yes, panic might ensue, but in some ways it would wake people up from their slumber. Not advocating panic, yet, something less than apathy and indolence would do...

    1. Yes. I think panic is overstated. I think what would happen is that people would demand action.
      Not very much is put into solving these problems and politics plays too large a part in how things are done.