28 August, 2013

Radioactive Plume Coming to West Coast

T he West Coast will see a dramatic increase in radiation as the main Fukushima plume finally reaches the US shores over the next few months. It will continue to radiate California for the next 10 years.
It will hit Hawaii by early 2014.

This is not to say radiation has not already hit and increases in infant mortality due to this has already been tracked from the West Coast to Pennsylvania.
How long shall the land mourn, and the herbs of the whole field wither? For the wickedness of them that dwell therein, the beasts are consumed, and the birds (Jeremiah)
What we worry about is bio-accumulation over time and claims that people on the coast should not worry are ridiculous and attempts to hide the truth.
Tepco needs to get in competent help to shut down the plant completely and forever.
 Information here and here


  1. Anonymous6:21 AM

    frightening on what we of the non jewish nations have brought upon ourselves.G-d save us from ourselves.

    1. The entire human population shares blame including Israel.
      Not one nation has really taken as good care of the creation as we are supposed to have done.

      God commands us all to take care of what He made and to keep it up and make it constantly better.

  2. Unbelievable.... I went grocery shopping yesterday and called a few of the canned fish companies while I was in the fish aisles. Got an answer as to which fish and which region etc...
    THIS, though is beyond what I can do. It's like I am barely making a dent in the fallout.
    I really do pray for Moshiach- especially with what "dear ruler" has planned by a minimally invasive war...jusssst enough to set off a regional or world war so that - you guessed it! Israel is put in the aiming scope! Then, a nice little syrup coating for the West with all sorts of Heaven forbid- surprises.....

  3. LEAH, i really appreciate your candor here and there

  4. the fish should be priority for b'nei yosef, but what ever..

  5. Anonymous11:42 AM

    I live in Northern Calif and was just diagnosed with Hypothyroid. I also have a small nodule on my thyroid. I know many people who are suffering from the symptoms - extreme fatigue, bone and body aches, constant headaches, dry skin, hair falling out, constipation, sensitivity to hot and to cold, insomnia, brain fog, forgetfulness (the worst) depression. I think the cloud has already reached us long ago.

    1. Yes, radiation did come to the west coast but more is on the way.
      There are sites discussing things that can be done for protection, it is not a lost cause.
      May you soon find complete restoration of health.

  6. :) I wish I didn't have to be, though.... I appreciate your website, Lemon. Keep up the good work.

  7. Here's a link to a 135 page document on how to detox from radiation. For those in California it might be worthwhile to read it.

  8. I also found this link: Decontamination After Radiation Exposure: Simpler Than You May Think. It's hard to know who's more authoritative. Plus what if one inhales the dust?

  9. The Japanese had excellent results in curing radiation poisoning with Miso soup!
    During the Chernobyl crisis Russian doctors tried Miso soup and found it really worked.
    I have also heard that taking Kelp tablets helps but, only with doctors advice I would think.

  10. Anonymous12:37 AM

    Thanks to everyone for all of this great info...