18 September, 2013

Fukushima and the Economy

The 2nd of 2 posts for Wednesday

Fukushima, the little plant that keeps on giving will be causing an economic nightmare in the very near future.
As highly radioactive waste and groundwater flow into the Pacific daily foods produced in areas effected will take a big hit. It won't be long until people realize that the foods from the west coast are radioactive and unfit for consumption. The resulting economic hit will be substantial, especially in the US and Japanese economies.

Wall Street is paying serious attention to Fukushima, the disaster that isn't over yet and is getting worse by the day.
"Bottom line: Cautious investors should be paying close attention to the latest scientific data concerning the ongoing risks posed by the continuing radiation leakage from Fukushima because the economic consequences could become even more tragic than they currently seem."
( from John Blume of Wall Street Sector Selector's article "Will Investors Fear the X Factor in Fukushima ")

As if this isn't enough, Hawaiian waters will be going nuclear in 2015 say the senior scientist of Union of
Concerned Scientists’ Global Security Program Dr. Edwin Lyman.
The Fukushima plume, the main one, will hit the western US and Hawaii by early 2014 actually.
While the ocean water might be somewhat okay now, by 2015 Hawaii's waters will be contaminated with radiation and unsafe for swimming .   This is all because of Fukushima.
It is time to shut down nuclear plants until we know how to handle them safely and until they are refitted and modernized with safety features because plants are aging badly now.
 There is no way to get at the molten masses that are glowing with radioactivity.  Unless they are contained things will just keep getting worse for the world.
Every solution so far has proven futile or will worsen the situation.  Ice was considered but it will weaken the ground causing buildings to collapse, so it is useless now.

Now a crack has been found in the stacks 200 feet above the ground and they may be more difficult to deal with than the ground water!  Already it has released a high radiation dose to the area.
I will keep you updated on this.


  1. Anonymous10:43 PM

    i dont understand the japanese just as i dont understand the chinese. they cant let all these disasters happen to their own people and the world and continue with their push for greater economy control. its outrageous. the chinese farms, it appears, have radiation and they still export, their milk, and all foods are tainted with hormones etc. some years back thousands of dogs died and cats too. my dog here in se asia ate one of the foods because we did not see the very very small print /made by licence in china. rusty was about 3 years old then, a beautiful german shepherd. he started urining blood. we were so frantic, took to the vet etc then i went on to the net to search for any info and included the dog food,and out came the list of banned substances in the food something they used in construction. and the horror stories of pets dead or dying. and still we have contact and trade with these horrors, i mean the gov. there may be many good chinese and japanese among the public. its really sickening. and just as in the holocaust the world looks on and does nothing., nothing at all. ofcourse Hashem will protect the jews . and we of the 70 nations have to start paying for our terrible misdeeds against israel and the world . if only the mosiach will come now.
    my husband just came out of colon cancer. he has never smoked or taken alcohol in his whole life. the chemo was devastating. and this is a minute dot of the fukushima.

  2. Anonymous1:12 AM

    The truth was concealed about just how bad Fukishima was due to the Japanese wanting to "save face." This is the devastation we are paying for and will be paying for in the future. The damage done to the earth and the misery it is going to cause to the fish, animal and human population should make us weep.

    By-the way Japan and China are both G-dless nations. Avaristic commercialism wed to G-dless communism means anything is permissible for financial gain.

    Saving face is crucial in Japanese society.


    1. Today even societies that profess religious belief are merely blowing hot air.